About us

Silverstream Health Centre views itself as an innovative community based health service provider. That means that our team of Gps, nurses, reception and administrative staff  provide on site full family and community healthcare services to residents of Silverstream and the wider community in the Hutt Valley and also we embrace new technologies that can provide safe off site online health services for the benefit of both our own efficiencies and for the convenience of our patients. We seek to provide Personalised Quality Care (PQC) in a team environment, encouraging patients to help themselves to maximise their health and welfare rather than just treating illness – which of course we also do.

Silverstream Health Centre is conveniently located in a shopping area in the community heart of Silverstream Upper Hutt, next to the local commuter rail station with ample car parking and adjacent pharmacy, physio, dental and supermarket services.

We are open five days a week and provide extended hours up to 8 pm most weekday evenings.  

The Silverstream Health Centre has always prided itself on its quality focus which we demonstrated by being the first practice in the Hutt Valley to be Cornerstone accredited. CORNERSTONE® is a quality program that assesses practices using the Aiming for Excellence standard. This program is coordinated and audited by the Royal NZ College of General Practice.