Alert Level 2

August 12th, 2020

Due to evidence of community transmission in Auckland, New Zealand has now moved to Alert Level 2 until midnight on Friday 14th August.

In order for us to protect vulnerable patients (eg babies, elderly, people with chronic illness, people taking immunosuppressants) it is crucial for patients with cough, cold, or flu symptoms to contact us by telephone first. This allows us to use necessary infection control measures and keep everyone safe.

The Manage My Health Patient Portal remains an excellent option to order your prescriptions online or message your health provider. We have disabled the appointment booking function to ensure all appointments are screened by our staff on the telephone first.

We have a drop box in the foyer for patients to drop in forms and paperwork without needing to enter the building.

Good handwashing hygiene and social distancing remain the best ways for you to keep yourself and your whanau safe.