Make an appointment

We have multiple options for making an appointment:

  • Phone booking
  • ManageMyHealth
  • Online easy booking
  • In person with our friendly reception team

Phone booking

04 527 7376

Routine consultations are scheduled for 15 minutes.

We are open until 8pm Monday – Thursday enabling you to see your doctor outside normal business hours.

Consultations requiring a longer appointment time such as minor ops and babies six week checks need to be booked further in advance.


Freedom to manage your health and wellness, anytime, anywhere

Appointments at the Silverstream Health Centre can be made anytime, anywhere using your ManageMyHealth™ login:

Online easy booking

Patients who aren’t registered on ManageMyHealth also can book appointments online now.

If you are registered with the Silverstream Health Centre you can simply go to the ManageMyHealth website and search for us and book an appointment which will integrate with our appointment book.

Support during consultations

All patients are entitled to have a support person with them during a consultation.