Our feedback process

Silverstream Health Centre supports a culture of care and compassion and is committed to transparent and open communication. We believe that patient input is indispensable to the delivery of safe care and we commit to promoting patient and family participation. Accountability is provided by assuring consumers, whānau and the wider community that when adverse events and near misses occur, action is taken with a focus on learning, improving safety and reducing the possibility of recurrence

In line with this policy, Silverstream Health Centre will treat all incident and feedback reports seriously and in good faith and aim to resolve complaints and incidents in a timely fashion. We have the necessary processes in place to ensure privacy is maintained of anyone involved in any incident or feedback event.

Patient feedback questionnaire

Thinking about your visit, please rate how satisfied you are with:

We hope that you will be satisfied that we have dealt with your feedback thoroughly. However, if this is not possible and you wish to continue with your feedback, we will direct you to the appropriate authorities.

Your feedback will be acknowledged within five working days. All feedback will be discussed with the leadership team. You will contacted via phone or a letter within 10 working days to discuss the findings from your feedback.

If you would like any advice you can contact:

National Advocacy Service
Freephone 0800 555 050
This is an independent and free advocacy service designed to resolve issues and protect your rights when using a health service.

Alternatively, you can refer unresolved complaints to:
Health and Disability Commissioner
Freephone 0800 11 22 33

Unresolved complaints about possible infringements of the Privacy Act should be referred to:
Privacy Commissioner
Freephone 0800 803 909

Please note that we have to respect our duty of confidentiality to patients and a patient’s consent will be necessary if feedback is not made by that patient in person.

Support during consultations

All patients are entitled to have a support person with them during a consultation.