Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be made by phone, through ManageMyHealth, by fax or at using a form at reception.

Prescriptions are an involved process with a number of steps which must be taken by qualified medical staff prior to issue, so there is a charge for each repeat prescription. We also put checks in place to ensure the safety of our patients, such as allergy screening and cross referencing other medications. As you will appreciate, this is a process which can take a considerable amount of time.

Faxed prescriptions incur an additional charge due to the costs involved in processing them. They must also be posted on to the relevant pharmacy as they are required by law to hold a copy of the original prescription.

Repeat prescriptions for Silverstream Health Centre patients can be ordered by:

  • Registering with the ManageMyHealth patient portal and ordering your repeat prescriptions via this secure online pathway
  • Phoning 04 527 7376
  • Completing prescription request form at front reception – during normal working hours
  • Faxing a request to 04 528 3278.

Please allow two working days for the prescription to be processed. Payment is due on collection.

Please note a script that is requested urgently for the same day may incur a higher fee. See all fees here.