Appointment guidelines

October 21st, 2020

There are some important things you can be aware of to ensure you get the most from your appointment.

It’s best to deal with one issue per appointment

Please don’t come in with a list of multiple issues that all need sorting today. It is unrealistic to expect to deal with so many issues at one time and the doctor will be forced to address each one superficially, rather than giving it the time it deserves.

Pick the most pressing problem and try working through that, rather than leaping between troubles and not addressing any of them properly. It’s also not fair on your fellow patients, who will inevitably end up waiting longer.

If you do have lots of problems to discuss, speak with the receptionist to book a double appointment.

Be punctual

We know some doctors can often run late (some more than others!) but this can be amplified by patients being late for their allocated appointment. Arriving too early may also create congestion in our waiting room, so please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible.

If possible, come alone

If the appointment isn’t for the kids, try and leave the kids with someone during the consultation. Fewer distractions means you can be fully focused and engaged during the consultation.

Make sure you have your facts together as much as possible

When asked when your symptoms started, it’s best to try to be as specific as possible. If possible, try to talk about durations in terms of hours, days, months or years. Take notes so you don’t forget anything that might be important.