Availability of appointments

June 17th, 2020

Now that we’ve had our first frost and winter is truly upon us, the demand on the health system is beginning to spike with the yearly recurrence of colds, cough and flu.

As always, this results in an increased demand for doctors appointments which leads to a shortage of availability. We are now, at times, seeing waits of a week or two for routine doctor appointments. Please be rest assured that we are doing all we can to manage the safety of all our patients and staff, but we do ask that you be patient if you are asked to wait.

We do have an urgent clinic each day that is for medical emergencies that need to be seen that day. Please note, routine issues such as repeat prescriptions, WINZ forms and insurance medicals do not qualify as urgent and will not be given a same day appointment in this clinic. Many of these services can be addressed using some of our new appointment options (including e-consults and telephone). Please help us ensure these clinics are reserved for those who have serious clinical issues so we can help people who need urgent medical attention as a matter of priority.

Thank you again for your patience.