Ever wondered why you have to wait and/or pay for your repeat prescription?

November 19th, 2019

Your GP needs to make sure that:

  • You have had the relevant check ups needed for your medication (such as blood test monitoring or blood pressure checks)
  • The medicine, the dose and the instructions are still right for you 
  • The medicine will not interact with anything else you are taking or that a specialist may have started
  • They update and maintain your long-term medications record

As medicines experts, your doctor makes sure you get the best results from your medicines, resolve any problems and reduce the chances of developing side effects or harmful adverse effects.

Ordering prescriptions with Silverstream Health Centre

Prescriptions can be ordered online via your MMH portal

Enrolled patients with certain chronic stable conditions on regular medications can requested repeat prescriptions of their medications. 

These can be sent to your local pharmacy for you to collect and you can pay online to avoid travelling to the practice.  

We use the Ministry of Health NZ e-prescription service. At this stage, a paper copy of the signed prescription is still a legislative requirement so, for now, we rely on faxing your prescription to your pharmacy. We hope to see this system develop in the future to provide patients with e-prescriptions directly to their pharmacy of choice.

The ManageMyHealth portal also enables you to help us keep your long term medications list as up-to-date as possible. If your specialist has changed the dose of your medication and this is not yet reflected in your medicines list then please let us know.