Healthcare access at SHC, level 2 and beyond

May 15th, 2020

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world to adapt to a new way of life. Some of these changes will disappear as soon as possible but others, will stick around.

During the last few weeks, General Practice has embraced telehealth as part of the new “normal”. We see the shift towards phone and e-consultations as something that will not only keep our patients safe from unnecessary infection risk, but also allow for more efficient and streamlined cared with direct contact between patient and their chosen provider to help plan their appointments.

Therefore, moving forward, every patient wanting an appointment with a doctor has three options:

  1. Book a phone consultation through reception
  2. Contact their doctor electronically through MMH
  3. Request a face-to-face appointment through reception. You will then be phoned by your doctor to determine the best way forward with your concerns

We see this as a huge step forward in healthcare. Patients can have their issues dealt with from home or work through phone or email, at a time of their convenience OR they will speak to their doctor first before determining whether or not they need to physically come into the practice. This will allow for more efficiency and improved continuity of care.