Launch of monthly ear clinic

September 23rd, 2019

Ear clinic

Every 2nd Wednesday

9am to 12pm

You talked and we listened!

Ear syringing is commonly used to remove wax build-up. This is a procedure performed by the Doctors and Nurses at the Silverstream Health Centre. Warm water is squirted into your ear which weakens and dislodges the wax. The wax flows out of the ear with the water. Ear syringing isn’t usually painful, but it can be quite uncomfortable and can make you feel dizzy.

Ear syringing is not suitable for everybody, for example, if you have a hole in the eardrum (perforation), have had ear surgery in the past or have a weakened immune system. This clinic is also not suitable for children.

For suctioning to be effective, you must have used vege or almond oil each night for three nights prior to the appointment. Or, ear drops or olive oil drops for at least three days before ear syringing.

If you have never had your ears syringed or suctioned before, you must first see you GP.


Syringing $31
Suctioning $45