Our urgent clinic

August 4th, 2021

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has given us some time to think about how we operate and what kind of ‘normal’ we want to return to. The time spent in lockdown and the adaptations we had to rapidly make allowed us to see that some patients, in some circumstances can be effectively ‘seen’ over the phone, minimising the need for people who are potentially contagious to come into the practice.

We have therefore made some changes to our urgent clinic (formally known as the walk in clinic).

If you have an urgent medical need which needs to be dealt with immediately, you can phone us to speak to our urgent clinic doctor or nurse practitioner. They will triage your situation and determine if you need to physically come into the building for an appointment.  In some cases, issues may be resolved over the phone which could save time and money (phone consultation fees will apply).

However, if you have severe pain, shortness of breath or a serious injury or wound, you should come into the practice as soon as possible or phone an ambulance to be seen at A&E.

This clinic is available for ALL patients, not just Silverstream Health Centre enrolled patients. However, enrolled patients may be given priority.

What is the urgent clinic

Monday – Friday 9am – 4:30pm

This clinic is busiest between 9am and 10am on Mondays. When the clinic is busy, there will be a wait. We try to keep this to a minimum but there are times where you will have to wait for extended periods of time.

Occasionally we may need to shut the queue for the urgent clinic due to patient overload. We do our best to avoid this situation but sometimes it can’t be avoided.


We run an urgent clinic from Monday to Friday to ensure that patients with serious or urgent conditions can be seen as soon as possible. The duty clinic is staffed by all the doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses on a roster. This also ensures that when you have a routine appointment with your doctor they will not be called away to see urgent cases. This means better care for everyone.

Please note, routine issues such as WINZ forms and insurance medicals do not qualify as urgent and will not be given a same day appointment in this clinic. These clinics are reserved for those who have serious clinical issues.


Same day acute care appointments have a normal appointment charge. If you need a script but no appointment, the usual script charge will apply.