Very high demand for appointments

November 29th, 2021

The festive season is rapidly approaching which brings with it, extra pressure on the health system. This year, we have the Delta strain of COVID-19 active in New Zealand (with the associated vaccination, swabbing, and screening activities) as well as the opening of the Auckland border. Additionally, we have also had some staff sickness recently.

As a result of these factors, we are experiencing extremely high demand for our services. 

We understand the frustration this is causing but there are ways that you can help us manage this better:

  • Please be aware that our current routine appointment time is approx 1 week. We know this is unusual for Silverstream Health Centre.
  • Please avoid coming in for “routine check ups” at the moment while our demand is so high. This will allow us to use our appointments for those who need them most.
  • If you have medical certificates that need completing, please check with us what sort of appointment you will need. You can do this by emailing us on Manage My Health to avoid time on the telephone. This will ensure you have the right appointment booked (we may be able to help you through a telephone appointment rather than you having to come in).
  • We continue to provide an Urgent Clinic every day. If there is a large volume of patients waiting to be called we may not be able to add you to the list as there may simply be too many calls to make. This particularly applies at the end of the day. You are still able to access care via After Hours

You can also help us by doing the following:

  • Ordering your prescriptions well ahead of the time they run out. We process the vast majority of our prescriptions on the same day but actually aim for a minimum of 48hr turnaround. Urgent requests put additional strain on this system. Given the festive season is approaching, put your repeat prescription requests in early for the “summer holidays”.
  • Arriving on time for booked appointments. We are well aware that clinics don’t always run to time. The nature of healthcare means this is beyond our control. We try to be as accommodating as possible but when we are heavily booked it is very difficult to reschedule patients who are late (and have missed) their appointment time.
  • Minimise foot traffic in the centre. As part of the COVID-19 pandemic we are required to screen everyone who comes in to our building. This creates additional work by our admin team and is also incredibly frustrating for patients who just want to pop in to sort something out quickly. Instead of popping in to the centre, it is much easier if prescriptions, bill payments, and appointment bookings are done by telephone or online. Manage My Health allows you to book appointments and arrange prescriptions online and we are very happy to help with invoices by telephone.

We thank you again for your patience during this busy period.