What can I book a nurse appointment for?

November 26th, 2019

The day in the life of a primary care nurse can be unpredict­able, requiring flexibility and the ability to handle a diverse workload. It is this variety that attracts primary care nurses to the job! Their daily tasks range from telephone triage and health advice, nurse consultations for a wide range of health issues, health promotion and screening, coordinating care with external providers, and supporting our GPs in delivering services. 

Due to the diverse mix of skills across our nursing team as well as the services they provide, we do not offer direct appointment bookings via MMH to ensure that we match your needs with the right provider, allocate the right amount of time for the service you need, and ensure we have the stock we require on hand for you (especially applicable for travel immunisations).

If you are looking for a service listed below then you might be able to save time and avoid waiting for a GP and see the nurse directly. Call our friendly admin team to find out!

The following can be done during a regular 15 minutes nurse appointment:

  • Blood test
  • Nebuliser
  • Depo provera
  • Blood pressure
  • Ear syringing
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Post minor op check
  • Removal of stitches
  • Change of dressing
  • Smear
  • Triage
  • New patient appointment
  • B12 injection

Other procedures will need slightly more time 30-60 mins:

  • Blood pressure series
  • Audiogram
  • Long term conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment
  • General medical
  • ESR drug testing
  • Warfarin education
  • Ear microsuctioning
  • ECG
  • Enlistment medical
  • Spirometry
  • Iron infusions

To book an appointment with a nurse, please phone reception.

Nurse appointments cannot be booked through ManageMyHealth at this time as different procedures take varying amounts of time and must be booked accordingly.


We have dedicated clinics for immunisations. We have done this to ensure availability of vaccinations and to provide time for nurses to be able to discuss vaccinations (including possible side effects) with patients prior to administration.

Imms clinics are run everyday as either a morning or an afternoon clinic. These appointments must also be made through reception.