Contraception access during pandemic

April 7th, 2020

We recognise that access to contraception is essential. We have robust systems in place that allow us consult with patients by telephone, prescribe appropriately, and if necessary arrange face-to-face consultations throughout the pandemic lockdown while maintaining a safe environment for our patients and staff.  We would like to extend this service to non-enrolled patients across our community.

Some women may be eligible to access funded consultations for their contraception needs regardless of whether they are registered patients (women 15-44 years old who live in a Quintile 5 area or hold a Community Services Card or have a high risk of unplanned pregnancy). We will let you know if you are eligible we you contact us for advice.

Some oral contraceptive pills, in particular Norimin and Noriday, are currently in low supply so will only be dispensed monthly by your pharmacy. We can also help find alternative contraceptive pill options should that be preferable.