Look after yourselves and your loved ones

March 25th, 2020

We find ourselves in unprecedented and incredibly uncertain times.

News about the Coronavirus is on every news channel and media communication every day. We see a daily tally of countries affected; and of fatalities incurred. As a result, you will probably have a heightened awareness of the outbreak and the risks that you may have been exposed to. This is likely to be causing you to feel concerned and fearful. 

Now is the time to look after yourself.

Ironically, the time when we most need to look after ourselves, is often the time when we are least likely to. How many of us cope with stress by drinking more than we would usually, or by eating unhealthy food such as chocolate to comfort ourselves? The evidence however is clear – by looking after yourself and engaging in health promoting behaviours (such as getting good sleep, eating a balanced diet and exercising), you will be protecting yourself both physically and psychologically from the Coronavirus (both the threat of it and the virus itself).

We are incredibly lucky living in New Zealand that we have enough space to still be able to get outside and still keep our distance from others.

Try not to spend all day in bed or on the couch. Getting some exercise helps your mind and body to release tension and stress and gives you the energy and good feelings you need to get through. Find ways to move your body and your mood every day. Remember, you can go outside, but you need to limit your contact with others. It’s ok to go for a walk, run or ride your bike, as long as you stay at least 2m away from other people.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you are finding that you are feeling overwhelmed by your fears and are struggling to control them; it is likely that this is affecting both your home and work life; and that you would benefit from some professional support. Rather than trying to deal with this alone, speak to someone close to you or seek the support of a health professional.

Although our doors may be physically shut, Silverstream Health Centre doctors and nurses are still here to support and protect our community.

It is only through working together that we will get through this.

Kia Kaha. Stay strong.