Aclasta infusion

Aclasta infusions are used in New Zealand for the treatment of osteoporosis and Paget’s disease. These infusions are available at Silverstream Health Centre for enrolled patients and also to patients who may be referred from another medical centre.

  • Osteoporosis is a condition that causes your bones to be thinner and weaker than normal. This means that they can break (fracture) easily, such as after a small bump or fall. In osteoporosis zoledronate prevent bone loss, increase bone thickness and lower your risk of spine and hip fractures. For the treatment of osteoporosis, zoledronate injection is used if the tablet forms of bisphosphonates are unsuitable for you.  
  • Paget’s disease is where abnormal bone growth causes deformity and pain. Zoledronate (aclasta) can help with this.

During the infusion you will be administered with Zoledronate (also known as zoledronic acid or Aclasta). Zoledronate is given by an intravenous infusion (into a vein in the arm via a “drip”) over about 15-30 minutes and can be given each 12-24 months as needed for treatment of osteoporosis. 

Other than flu-like symptoms after the first infusion, side effects from zoledronate treatment are uncommon, and are in general no different from placebo-treated patients in randomised trials.  It should be remembered that major fractures can be very dangerous, so this should be balanced against the small risk of ill effects from treatments.  Treatment is usually accompanied by some calcium tablets and /or vitamin D tablets before the infusion, to keep blood calcium levels normal.

Please discuss your suitability for this treatment with your own doctor. If you are not a registered Silverstream Health Centre patient, your registered doctor must refer to us for the procedure.


Initial doctor’s consultStandard consultation fee (see our fees page)
Aclasta script$5 per item at the pharmacy (for patients who meet the funding criteria above)
Infusion service $149.50


  1. Doctor’s appointment:  Book an appointment to see your doctor for an osteoporosis consultation.  Please do not try to squeeze this into another consultation, as there is a lot to cover.  This consult is to:
    1. assess whether you are a suitable candidate for Aclasta
    2. arrange appropriate blood tests to ensure you are fit to have Aclasta
    3. provide you with information about the procedure and check your medications
    4. apply for special authority funding to meet the $600 cost of the Aclasta infusion
    5. supply you with prescriptions for Aclasta, paracetamol, calcium and vitamin D supplements
    6. arrange a time for you to return for the Aclasta infusion
  2. Nurse appointment:  Return to have your Aclasta infusion at the scheduled time.  Please remember to bring your Aclasta with you when you come.  Allow at least 60 minutes for this appointment.
  3. Book follow/up infusions:  You will be put on our recall system to organise any subsequent infusions that are required, and our nurse will contact you when these become due

Referring doctors only

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