Long term conditions

The long term medical conditions clinic (LTC) at the Silverstream Health Centre is an innovative approach for patients with long term conditions (asthma, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, COPD, coronary heart disease). It allows us to recall patients to have their conditions and medication reviewed in more efficient way.

“Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.”

Chinese proverb

The nurses in the LTC clinic provide:

  • health assessments to determine what areas of health and wellbeing the person needs & wants assistance with
  • setting of health and wellbeing goals
  • focus on self-management support
  • health condition education to the patient and their family,
  • assistance to the patient to manage their health and well-being,
  • support and education for general practice teams.

By carrying out these reviews more efficiently we have hope to achieve these objectives:

  • allow patients more time with the doctor/nurse team for help and advice on the management of their condition
  • give patients more control over the management of their condition
  • reduce the need for patients to make multiple visits to the practice to see the nurse and the doctor
  • provide a more “joined-up” approach to the care of patients with more than one LTC
  • better allocation of the practice resources so that we have more time for the important stuff like providing good quality health advice for all of our patients