A vasectomy is a simple and painless procedure with a very low complication rate and a quick recovery time. It is an ideal choice for couples who are quite sure they don’t want any more children and need permanent, reliable contraception. This technique involves making either one or two small incisions in the scrotum near the base of the penis.

Some bruising and tenderness is to be expected following a vasectomy. After the procedure the doctor will give detailed recovery instructions and it is important to follow these carefully.

Sexual activity can be resumed 2-3 days following the surgery, or when it is comfortable to do so. Until the success of the operation has been confirmed, another form of contraception must be used. The success of the operation is confirmed when two successive semen samples are shown to be free of sperm. These laboratory tests are usually undertaken 2-3 months after the vasectomy, or after 16 to 20 ejaculations.

Frequently asked questions

Can a vasectomy be reversed?

Whilst there are procedures available privately to reverse a vasectomy, they are not always successful. The potential permanence should always be considered before undertaking a vasectomy as it should be assumed that a vasectomy signals the end of your ability to reproduce.

Is it painful?

The short answer is no. During the procedure the only uncomfortable part is the injection of the local anaesthetic which takes a few seconds. A few hours after the procedure a dull ache may develop in the scrotal region and remain for a few days. This ache responds very well to simple pain killers.

Can a vasectomy affect my sexual function?

No. Sperm makes up about only 1% of the ejaculate volume so you will not notice any difference following the operation. There is also no way that vasectomy can affect erectile or orgasmic function.

What is the failure rate?

The chances of the operation not working are about 1 in 300. This will be picked up in the initial semen analysis. If the procedure is unsuccessful you will be offered a repeat procedure free of charge. Once the required clear semen result have been produced, the failure rate of vasectomy is extremely small (1:2,000).