Urgent clinic

The Silverstream Health Centre offer same day appointments for patients who have urgent issues which need to be dealt with immediately. This clinic is intended for patients who have an urgent condition that cannot wait for a routine appointment.

Patients seen in the same day acute care clinic will be seen by a doctor, nurse or nurse practitioner. People with urgent life threatening conditions will be seen as a priority, so you may not always be seen straight away. The duty doctor or nurse practitioner changes everyday so you may not be able to see your regular GP in this clinic.

Please note, routine issues such as WINZ forms and insurance medicals do not qualify as urgent and will not be given a same day appointment in this clinic. These clinics are reserved for those who have serious clinical issues.

To get an appointment in the urgent clinic, please phone reception.


Same day acute care appointments have a normal appointment charge. If you need a script but no appointment, the usual script charge will apply.

Please see fees here.

Why is the practice doing this?

We have a duty clinic from Monday to Friday to ensure that patients with serious or urgent conditions can be seen as soon as possible. The duty clinic is staffed by all the doctors and nurses on a roster. This also ensures that when you have a routine appointment with your doctor they will not be called away to see urgent cases. This means better care for everyone.