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Hello to all.

I’d like to introduce myself and the team at Silverstream Health Centre.

Having graduated in medicine way back in 1981 from the University of Otago I qualify as being the senior member of the medical team at SHC. I regard myself as both an old school GP who lives in the community he serves and also a doctor who is not afraid to join the young doctors and embrace and promote new technologies and systems that enhance patient well being and provide convenience. Aside from my 30 years experience in general practice, I also have extensive experience in obstetrics and minor surgeries including vasectomies. I’ve been a keen sportsman over the years mainly in rugby, triathlons, tennis and cycling.

Our team’s ethos in medicine is one of personalised quality health in a team environment and as such we promote and provide a style of communication that is forthright, inclusive and personalised. We are interested in the whole person who puts their trust in us to help them maximise their own health and wellbeing on an understanding that ultimately our health and well being is in each our own hands. As a great man once said “ if we don’t look after our bodies, where will we live?”.

There is a wealth of medical and life experience in our team with a wide variety of personalities a lot of whom you are likely to meet and experience if you visit us over the coming years.

Dr Marko Kljakovic,
Managing Director

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Dr Suess


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