Booking immunisations

February 12th, 2020

All immunisations must be booked in one of our dedicated imms clinics. These need to be made with one of our team over the phone or at reception.

But why?

Each immunisation clinic has a dedicated nurse, specially trained in administering immunisations. The nurse, for the duration of that clinic, focuses solely on immunisations, ensuring the highest level of safety.

Having designated immunisation clinics also ensures that we are running as close to time as possible. Some immunisations require you to stay for 20 minutes after your appointment for monitoring so we need to factor this into our planning.

What to bring

Please bring your child’s Well Child Book to your appointment. Other things to consider bringing to your appointment could be toys, treats, and another support person to help if appropriate.

Immunisation reminders

If you are enrolled at the Silverstream Health Centre you will receive a recall 7-10 days prior to the immunisation due date for your child. You will then need to contact us to make an appointment.