Children’s flu vaccines

April 20th, 2020

We have now started administering children’s flu vaccines in our car park.

As with adults vaccinations, we will be beginning with high priority patients first, such as those with long term chronic illnesses. 

Over the next few weeks, parents of high priority patients will be notified by text message when they can make a booking. When you receive this message, please call us to confirm your appointment. If we do not have a mobile number for you on file, we will call your landline.

Children’s vaccines can be challenging at the best of times so parents will need to decide prior to booking if they think their child will be able deal with the car park vaccinating procedure. You could bring toys or treats to distract your child if this helps.

At your child’s appointment time, you will need to come to the marked car parks – these are on the Silverspoon side of the building in front of the cabin. Once your child has received their vaccination, you will be asked to move to the other side of the carpark for a compulsory waiting period.

Appointments will have very specific times so do not be late or you will miss your slot.