COVID-19: Vaccine boosters

November 16th, 2021

Booster vaccine doses will be available from Monday 29 November, for anyone over 18 who has completed their primary vaccination course at least 6 months prior to their planned booster dose. Two doses provide good protection, including after 6 months, and booster doses are not urgent.

People can access a booster dose in the same way as any other dose, at a walk-in vaccination clinic, by making an appointment with a COVID-19 vaccinating GP or by using Book My Vaccine.

Book My Vaccine

The Pfizer vaccine is the primary vaccine being used in New Zealand for booster doses, regardless of what vaccine was used for earlier doses.

Who needs a booster

Health care and border workers are a priority for booster vaccine doses as they are at the front line of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and because large numbers of health care and border workers completed their primary vaccination course at least 6 months ago. We will also be making sure older people and kaumatua, including people in residential care, have good access to booster doses when they become eligible.

Currently, booster doses will not be mandatory for workers who are required to be vaccinated, or to get a vaccine status certificate used to access events, gyms, churches, hairdressers and other services and premises.

Getting proof of vaccination status

Severely immunocompromised people

The booster is different to the third primary dose recommended for severely immunocompromised people. People eligible for a third primary dose can access a booster dose 6 months after receiving their third primary dose.

Information for severely immunocompromised people