Flu vaccinations

April 27th, 2021

The start date for flu vaccinations for those 64 years and under is the 17th of May.

2021 vaccines

VaccineAge groupStart date
Fluad Quad65 years and over14th April
Afluria Quad5-64 years17th May
Influvac Tetra3 and 4 years17th May
Afluria Quad Junior6-36 months17th May

Similarly to last year, the flu vaccine clinics will be running in the car park. These are currently on Monday to Thursday in the afternoons.

We are sending out text message invites in small batches to patients over the age of 65yrs. Patients in that age range that do not have a cell phone are being phoned. Please note patients in this age range do not have to wait for an invitation they can call reception to book in at their leisure.

At your appointment time, you will need to come to the marked car parks – these are on the Silverspoon side of the building in front of the cabin. Once you have received your vaccination, you will be asked to move to the other side of the carpark for a compulsory waiting period.

Appointments will have very specific times so do not be late or you will miss your slot.