Making imms easier for your kids

November 25th, 2020

Let’s be honest, no one loves an injection – least of all children. We have some tips to make your immunisation visit as easy as possible.

  1. Try to be on time for your appointment. Rushing tends to heighten everyone’s emotions.
  2. If you can, breastfeed/bottle feed during and/or after vaccines.
  3. The positioning of the infant/child is important. Your vaccinator should give you clear instructions on how to achieve this. If you are unsure, please ask for more assistance.
  4. Typically, oral vaccines given first, the rotavirus does contain some sucrose which can reduce pain. These are given at 6 weeks and 3 months.
  5. For the older children using calming supportive language is best, avoid language that causes anxiety.
  6. The vaccinator should take cues from the parents as to the child’s understanding of the visit and work with this.
  7. Distractions are great, bubbles work for the toddlers, stickers for the 3 years and above. We do have a couple of wipeable toys in the imms room.
  8. Some parents have found bringing in a special toy/item or toys/books helps, particularly during the 20-minute wait post consult.
  9. Bring another adult, someone the child trusts if parent really feels it is going to be a nightmare, support all round is good.
  10. Unless the sibling(s) you bring with you are a help, that’s great, if not consider leaving the sibling(s) at home to allow a focused consult om the child who is being vaccinated.
  11. Pretty much imms go a lot better than most people expect, anticipation can be worse than the event.

If you have any immunisation questions, please ask or visit Health Navigator for more information.